Staffordshire Resident Calls on County Council to Defer ESS Proposals

The Branch have received the attached letter from a concerned Staffordshire resident, calling on Staffordshire County Council to defer signing of the contract with Capita until the Local Government election on May 2nd.

ESS Members Update

What a month…

UNISON’s campaign STOP THE RUSH – END THE SECRECY continues to gather huge momentum with lots of press coverage across the County, with involvement from all areas of UNISON, Labour Councillors and members, LOSS (Lobby against Outsourcing of Support Services) members of the public, and other unions, the campaign will continue.

Letter from Ian Parry regarding APSE Report

Ian Parry, Cabinet Member for Education, Finance & Transformation, recently wrote to Claire Breeze and Steve Elsey responding to the APSE report on the ESS Proposals.

Lobby of Cabinet on Wednesday 5th December 2012 at 9:30am

On Wednesday 5th December Staffordshire's Tory cabinet will be voting on a deliberately rushed and secretive process which will hand Staffordshire’s award winning school support services to corporate giant Capita to run for the next 20 years, in a contract worth between £2bn – £4bn resulting in a loss of democratic accountability for the people of Staffordshire.

We are calling on our members, their colleagues, friends and family for their support at this crucial moment.

Capita Confirmed As Preferred Bidder For Staffordshire County Council's ESS Project

Staffordshire Branch of UNISON have just learnt that Staffordshire County Council have chosen Capita as the preferred bidder for ESS Project.

More information to follow shortly.

UNISON Warns Against Risk Taking & Gambling With Tax Payer's Money In Staffordshire Council's Private Education

UNISON continues to campaign against Staffordshire County Councils ‘risky’ decision to push ahead with its plans to create a private joint venture Company to run its current award winning Education Support Services.

Recently an APSE (Association of Public Service Excellence) report was commissioned by UNISON to provide a wholly independent analysis into the Council’s proposal to privatise its Education Support Services. APSE concluded that the privatisation of over 4000 Education Support Service jobs would possibly be detrimental in a number of different ways, including:

Full APSE Report Now Available

The UNISON commissioned independent report from APSE (Association for Public Sector Excellence) raises grave concerns over SCC’s plans to privatise Education Support Services, SCC have dismissed the concerns raised without having provided substantiated documentation to evidence that concerns have been addressed, we urge all Staffordshire’s residents to read the report and speak to councillors about their concerns.

Cabinet make the final decision on 5th December, although very little genuine scrutiny has taken place into the bids and proposals received from Capita and Carillion, once signed we will be stuck with this deal for at least 10 years!

Urgent Member Information: ESS FAQ’s UNISON Response

Staffordshire Branch of UNISON's response to the Frequently Asked Questions on Staffordshire County Council's website.

Education Support Services Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits?

This pioneering project will safeguard jobs and essential services for the future, giving schools the support they need to continue giving the best possible start to young people in Staffordshire.

UNISON Calls On Staffordshire County Council To Come Clean About ESS Project

UNISON calls on Staffordshire County Council to come clean over concerns surrounding Phil Cresswell, one time senior officer on the ESS project, who is now employed by one of the companies UNISON understands to be a shortlisted bidder and working with those involved in the ESS bid.

As soon as UNISON receives a response it will be posted here.

Stafford MP’s Concern Over County Education Support Services Proposals

In a letter exclusively seen by UNISON addressed to Ian Parry dated 4th October (see below) the town’s Conservative MP expresses concern over the proposals and seeks answers to a number of pertinent question, despite almost a month having elapsed UNISON are given to understand that Mr Lefroy has yet to receive a response.

Steve Elsey, Staffordshire UNISON Branch Secretary commented: “This further goes to illustrate that concern is being expressed across the political spectrum about these proposals and reinforces unions repeated call to end the secrecy and stop the rush, allow for meaningful consultation with the public and school leaders and governors and staff and to establish once and for all whether this is in the best interests of Staffordshire’s residents.”