LGPS Transitional Regulations Update

The Regulations changing the LGPS England and Wales will come into force with effect from 1 April 2014 . PLEASE DO WHAT YOU CAN TO MAKE COLLEAGUES AWARE OF THE MESSAGE BELOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

UNISON Members Vote To Accept Changes to LGPS

UNISON members across England and Wales have voted 90.2% in favour of accepting the proposed changes to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

UNISON is the largest public service union and its members in the Local Government Pension Scheme span local government, police and probation, schools, colleges, universities, water, transport and environmental services, private companies and the voluntary sector.

UNISON's LGPS 2014 Ballot

To inform members on the details of the proposals the Branch has arranged for members to be able to attend the following presentations being delivered by other UNISON Branches within Staffordshire.

7th August 11:30 - Cannock Civic Centre, Beecroft Road, Cannock
7th August 13:30 - Craddock Room, Stafford Borough Council, Civic Offices, Riverside
9th August 12:30 - Stoke City Council, Council Chamber, Stoke Town Hall
13th August 12:00 - White Room, Stafford County Buildings, Martin Street, Stafford
13th August 13:00 - White Room, Stafford County Buildings, Martin Street, Stafford
16th August 12:00 - 7th Floor Meeting Room, Wedgwood Building, Tipping Street, Stafford **
16th August 13:00 - 7th Floor Meeting Room, Wedgwood Building, Tipping Street, Stafford ** 

**The 7th floor meeting room is not suitable for anyone with access problems as the lift only goes to the 6th floor

If you are unable to attend one of the briefings please take the time to read and digest the summary of the proposals below, and ensure that you return your ballot paper as early as possible, it is important we see a good turnout in the ballot.

UNISON Biggest Strike - 4 Short Virals Now Live On Youtube, Members Stories & Voices

Four members, four parts of the Public Sector: one struggle: All out on November 30th!

In the build up to the biggest strike in a generation, over public sector pensions, which starts at midnight tonight, the UNISON West Midlands Region, has uploaded to YouTube four very short films (only minutes long).

Tony Rabaiotti, Regional Manager, heading up the pensions dispute in the West Midlands, said:

"These films feature members, some who have not been on strike before. They are saying enough is enough. Many are also suffering from loss of pay, real cuts to their terms and conditions, possible job loss, and are struggling to make ends meet as retail and fuel prices rocket. Their voices reflect on the potential impact of the proposed changes to public sector pensions, to their lives and their families lives, now and in the future."

Stafford and Stone Citizens Advice Bureau

In light of the Industrial Action planned for 30th November by public sector workers Stafford and Stone CAB will be running a special advice session.

10am – 3pm on Wednesday 30th November at 131-141 North Walls Stafford And by telephone on 01785 258673.

For anyone affected by the strike action or for anyone involved in the Industrial action and needing advice on their position.

Industrial Action - Latest Information

Here is the latest information relating to the Industrial Action planned for Wednesday 30th November.

Please contact the Branch with any queries that are not covered below.

Which Trade Unions Have Balloted Over The Pensions Issue?

This is not just an issue UNISON has balloted on. Who are the others?

GMB; UNITE; ATL; NASUWT; NAHT; ASPECT; AEP; PCS; FDA (representing Civil Servants); PROSPECT; UCATT (strike ballot for members in local government, health authorities and the civil service); SIPTU; NUT; NAPO; RMT (transport union Tyne and Wear metro members, RMT Royal Fleet Auxiliary and Orkney Ferries members; POA (prison union members in secure hospitals).

What Effect Will The Changes To The LGPS Have On You?

We now have a ready reckoner for the LGPS scheme available on UNISON's website.

This one gives the changes in contributions rates for the two different CLG options and show the reduction in take home pay.


This one shows how much longer will people will have to work, and how much pension will they will lose.


Pensions Ballot Hotline: Less Than A Week To Go!

There's less than a week to go until the Pensions Ballot Hotline closes at midday on 31 October.

The ballot closes on Thursday 3rd November.

If you should be balloted over the proposed strike action on pension changes, but have not received a ballot paper - or who need a replacement paper - you only have until midday on Monday 31st October to phone the ballot hotline on 0845 355 0845.

New recruits can also take part in the vote - if you phone the hotline before noon on Monday and request a ballot paper.

Anyone recruited after that date will not be able to vote, but they can still take part in the proposed action on 30 November with legal protection.

The hotline can only deal with direct individual queries from members about their own circumstances.

Local Government Pension Scheme - Supplementary Press Release

Further to our Press Release sent on 7 October 2011 please find supplementary information.

As the result of changes that UNISON negotiated under the last labour government in 2008, projected costs to employers of the LGPS have already been cut by billions. This was a new, secure affordable scheme. The Treasury now want to “save” another £900 million a year.

Biggest Ballot In History Opens As Council Workers Cast Pensions Strike Vote

Ballot papers will start dropping through post boxes from today (11th October 2011) as Council Workers in Staffordshire begin voting on taking strike action over planned changes to public sector pensions.

Strike action is the last resort for council workers. It follows months of talks in which Ministers have refused to move on from the hard line stance to make public sector workers work longer, pay more and get less when they retire. The plans are not about pensions – they are about deficit reduction.

Jane Heath, Branch Secretary said: