Thank You Teaching Assistants

To All Teaching Assistants,

Mr Gove may not value Teaching Assistants, but here at UNISON we believe you are a vital part of our Children’s Education and as the school years ends we just wanted to say a quick thank you on behalf of all our members for all the hard work and dedication you’ve put in; we know many of you go above and beyond what’s required.

Thank You!

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Education Support Service (ESS) Meetings

Staffordshire UNISON urge all staff who may be affected by Staffordshire County Council's ESS proposals to attend one of these important meetings as we believe that these proposals will negatively affect your jobs, terms and conditions, and services.

Meetings will be split in two halves, the first half being open to non-members.   An opportunity to join UNISON at the meeting will be provided.

Staffordshire County Council Education Support Services Proposals

Staffordshire UNISON are gravely concerned over the future of schools support services after the employer announced plans to seek a “partner” to deliver these services. In reality this is outsourcing, staff will be TUPE’d to a private company, controlled by private sector investors, to deliver services to school on a purely commercial for profit basis. This is bad news for education, bad for the taxpayer and bad for staff, whilst staff may transfer on TUPE terms, this carries no long term guarantees, and when the organisations primary motive becomes profit, the whole remit of the organisation changes. These proposals would see 5000 staff, almost 50% of Staffordshire County Council’s workforce become part of a private company, which would most likely have global connections.