School Support Staff Negotiating Body

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The abolition of the SSSNB - have your say about this in the special survey in the Spring Edition UNISON in Schools newsletter

School Support Staff Negotiating Body (SSSNB) Abolished

The following ministerial statement has been issued:

Secretary of State for Education (Rt. Hon. Michael Gove MP)

The SSSNB was established by the previous Government to develop a national pay and conditions framework for school support staff working in maintained schools in England. The Government has conducted a review of the future policy direction for determining school support staff pay and conditions, including the role of the SSSNB, and has concluded that the SSSNB does not fit well with the Government’s priorities for greater deregulation of the pay and conditions arrangements for the school workforce. I therefore propose to introduce legislation to abolish the SSSNB at the earliest opportunity.

New Body News

The working parties of the School Support Staff Negotiating Body (SSSNB) are now in full swing. The Core Contract and Working Year Working Group (CCWYWG) , The Role Profile and Job Measurement Working Group (RPJMWG) and the Executive Group are now meeting every few weeks and are getting down to the detail of what a new school pay and conditions framework might look like. The CCWYWG has been working its way through the clauses of a draft contract but is still grappling with the implications of moving to a full year contract for all, rather than retaining a formula approach.

New SSSNB Webpage

There is a new School Supprt Staff Negotiating Body web page live on the UNISON website, which will inform members and activists of all the latest developments on the SSSNB.  Click here to go there now!

School Support Staff Negotiating Body (SSSNB)

UNISON is the largest union for school staff and we are currently in negotiations with the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the employers at a national level regarding a new national pay and conditions framework for school support staff.

We are working with the Local Government Employers, representatives from foundation and aided schools as well as from the Catholic Education Service and Church of England Board of Education to develop a new set of national terms and conditions for school support staff.