UNISON has voted to take industrial action with a 1-day strike on 10th July 2014. This is the reaction to the Local Government Employers final offer of a 1% increase for this financial year. UNISON EXPECTS ALL OF IT’S MEMBERS IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT TO SUPPORT THIS ACTION.

UNISON is aware that increases in utility bills, food prices and fuel costs mean that many people are finding that financially times are hard.  The loss of one days pay will be a strain for many but it is at times when life gets difficult that it is even more essential to fight for what is right.

Remember the purpose of Industrial Action is to disrupt services, if there is no disruption we will not bring the employers back to the negotiating table.  Strength comes from numbers.  It’s time to stand up for fair pay, the employers offer is another pay cut not a pay rise, it’s time to stop the rot before it gets any worse.

Staffordshire UNISON will be looking to concentrate our efforts on picketing workplaces as a show of strength of feeling.  Any local action MUST be agreed by the Branch in terms of picketing the workplace and must comply with the law. If you are able to be part of a picket line would you please contact the Branch urgently on 01785 245000 or e-mail so that we can ensure you are aware of the legal implications and requirements and all appropriate paperwork is completed.

It is not a question of can I afford to sustain 1 day’s loss of pay - rather can I afford not to?

1% a below inflation rate offer – are you worth more than that?  The decision is in your hands.

Please note the following rallies will also be taking place:

Kingsway, Stoke, ST4 1JH (outside King's Hall)
Assemble 12 noon; speakers 12.30-1.30
All welcome: bring banners and placards


Victoria Square, Birmingham

Assemble 11.30 am for a March in the City Centre then speakers (including Dave Prentis) and Banner Theatre with a finish time of 2pm.

Please see further information regarding Strike Action here and Frequently Asked Questions here