Staffordshire UNISON Learning Centre - FREE Mental Health Awareness Training

Your Learning Centre is hosting a free Mental Health Awareness Workshop for UNISON members on November 2nd 2016.

A one day workshop from the Open University aimed at any UNISON member that would like gain some introductory knowledge and understanding of mental health,

Full details and application form are attached here.

Please Note:

The Right to Request Time off for Training for Members

There is no general right to take time off for training or study with pay. There is however a legal right, (set out in section 40 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009) to request time off which must be properly considered by an employer. There are a number of conditions linked to this right.

  • The request must be from an employee
  • An employee must work for an organisation with at least 250 employees
  • An employee must have worked for the employer for more than 26 weeks
  • The training or study must lead the employee to improve performance in the job

This time off is usually unpaid, although many employers will agree to pay if there is evidence the training or study will bring improvements to performance or productivity. If you want to make a request you should follow your employers procedure for this. If your employer does not have a procedure start with “This is a request made under Section 63D of the Employment Relations Act 1996” and provide:

  • The date(s) of the training
  • The subject matter or content of the training
  • The location of the training
  • Who providing the training
  • Any qualification or specific skill that you will gain

Normally you can only make one request every year. Your employer must either agree to the request or hold a meeting with you to discuss this within 28 days. If a decision is to hold a meeting the employer has another 14 days before giving you an answer. If the answer is no you have a right to appeal, which must be made with 14 days of this decision.

At every stage of your request please involve your Union Learning Representative or Steward.