Stars in Our Schools

Get involved in our campaign to be in with a chance of winning £150 for the winning member and £300 for the winning school or academy for an environmental project for the children. 

  We have written out to all School and Academies asking the head/principle to nominate up to 3 school support staff who are members of UNISON who they feel go above and beyond for their students and school/academy.  The winning two members will each receive £150 and the two winning schools will each win £300 to be used for an environmental project of their choice.

Nominations must be received in branch by Friday 31st October, for the winners presentation to take place on Friday 28thNovember 2014, which is when we will celebrate the ‘Stars in our Schools’

It takes a whole team to make a school or Academies a safe place for children to learn, but many of those staff are tucked away behind the scenes, the unsung heroes of our children’s education, so we are taking a day to celebrate the great work that you do.

Get involved, tell your colleagues. Those who are not in UNISON encourage them to join, check that your Head/Principle has received the nomination forms, and spread the word, let’s celebrate the wonderful work you do.