Stars in Our Schools 2015


Last year’s event saw the 2 winning schools Richard Clarke First School and Churnet View Middle School each receive a cash prize of £300 to be used to benefit the children and each winning member of staff nominated by the Head Teacher also won a cash prize in recognition for their hard work.

Last month we revisited both schools to see how the money had helped them.

Lynda Farrington from Richard Clarke showed us how they had used the money towards their ‘Dyslexia Friendly’ program enabling them to purchase sets of magnetic white boards for each class, reading rulers, pencil grips and numeracy and literacy books.


We heard how winner Jason Burgess from Churnet View, used the money to help fund the farm they have at school, helping them to secure the opportunity to have bees for the children to sell the honey, an orchard to sell the fruit and make fresh juice and towards the running costs of the farm.


Both were great examples of how we could help to recognise the great work school support staff do, the unsung heroes who often get forgotten.

Following on from last year’s success to celebrate the fantastic work that school support staff do, we are delighted to announce that we will be running the same campaign this November, further details to follow…