Public Sector Cuts

In support of public sector workers and against the planned cuts, we urgently request our members sign up to the following website which is open till 8th July 2010

Below are some comments already provided which you may wish to support or you may, of course, include your own.
Please note that this does not in any way contradict our previous communication as there is a big difference to responding giving suggestions where jobs can be cut and making your views known against the cuts public sector workers face.  These staff did not create the financial problems but it is through their jobs losses that the deficit is expected to be resolved.
1. 65% of local government workers earn below £21,000, pay them the £250 now!
2. Local government workers have the lowest pay and worst conditions of service in the public sector, don’t cut them further!
3. Get local residents to decide on council tax levels to maintain vital local services – not Council Tax freezes from Westminster
4. Stop wasting public money on privatising local services
5. Stop dividing ‘front’ and ‘back’ office worker. They need each other to deliver efficient and effective local services
6. Councils – not private companies - must continue to run local services to ensure transparency and a real say for local residents 
7. Stop cutting vital public services – this will make life harder for everyone, especially women and poorer households, and set back the economic recovery
8. Stop cutting public sector jobs – this will hit tax revenues, increase unemployment and make the deficit worse
9. Cut the bankers’ bonuses, and make them pay for the crisis they caused – a Robin Hood Tax could raise billions every year
10. Cut spending on private consultants and employment agencies – directly employed in-house staff are the best people to improve services
11. Cut out the privatisation profiteers – outsourcing and PFI are damaging our public services and cost the taxpayer more
Jane Heath
Branch Secretary