Proposed Revised Branch Rules

The proposed Revised Branch Rules and the existing Branch Rules are available below, which will be discussed at the Branch's Annual General Meeting on Thursday 27th January 2011.

Restructuring and Health and Well-being Amongst Older Workers

We have been approached by Middlesex University Business School about a research project that they are working on around older workers It is a one year study commissioned by the EU to look at the

Tax Evasion/Avoidance

When it comes to cuts, George Osborne likes to say "we're all in this together". But Channel 4 has just revealed that along with two other Cabinet ministers, he's avoiding paying tax... [1] He pays accountants to find loopholes which help him dodge £1.6 million.

National Disabled Members Conference 2010

Attended by Jane Heath, Hilary Mellor, Marleene Greene and Pat Corby.

This conference, specific to the needs of disabled members is an opportunity to come together to share their experiences and in some cases resolutions with one another.

As a Branch we are appealing for members with disabilities declared on undeclared to form a self-organised group where we can network with one another to raise our concerns at a Branch level.

For further information or for any ideas you may have, please contact Marleene or Pat at the Branch on 01785 245000.  All calls with be treated confidentially.