100 Staff at risk of redundancy at Burton & South Derbyshire College

UNISON have recently been advised that over 100 members of staff are at risk of redundancy at Burton and South Derbyshire College with the College leadership blaming dramatic and continued government cuts for the reason to axe significant staff over the past two years.

UNISON condemns the cuts agreeing with the college that government cuts are a significant factor in the college’s difficulties and calling on the college leadership to make the case for FE to the government and local MP’s

Claire Breeze, UNISON Regional Organiser Said:-

“Sadly the staffing cuts at the college are a direct consequence of yet more Tory cuts impacting upon our young people’s education & future opportunities.  Many hardworking, dedicated and well trained college staff will be thrown on the scrap heap, all in the name of 'Austerity'.”

Claire went on to say “UNISON is getting increasingly concerned about the future prospects for colleges across the region, colleges are already being run on a shoestring and we are seriously concerned that should these cuts continue the existence of a number of colleges within the region are at risk, leaving young people without access to college education which could easily result in increased unemployment leaving communities and lives devastated.  Enough is enough. This government needs to rethink its ideological plans and start funding our colleges adequately and meaningfully to enable communities and children to thrive and prosper not to live in despair and poverty without hope.”

Kevin Lees, UNISON’s Local Rep at the college said:-

"It's been 12 months since the last redundancies were made at Burton and South Derbyshire Community College. Since then staff have worked extremely hard to achieve targets under difficult circumstances and are now faced with this dilemma which adds further pressure upon them. I would now urge supportive measures for their staff for at least the next 12 months if we are to move forward successfully in support of those communities which we serve."