UNISON Warns Of Jobless Figures “Double Jeopardy”

Yesterdays Comprehensive Spending Review announcements only contained the main headlines.  The reality of how great that impact will actually be for our members and our community will only unfold as the months go on.

Nationally, we know that translates to 490,000 jobs being lost over 4 years.  UNISON estimates that this could cost the government around £4.6bn in lost tax revenue and £6.1bn in extra benefits.  The Government’s own figures, as well as Price Waterhouse Coopers, suggest planned spending cuts could cost an additional 400,000 private sector jobs.  The negative “multiplier” effect will weaken recovery and could result in a “lost decade” of persistent unemployment and stagnation.

Jane Heath, Branch Secretary Staffordshire Branch of UNISON said:
“We continue to have major concerns on the impact these cuts will have for the people of Staffordshire who both work in and receive the services affected.  Yesterday we heard that the private sector would fill the gap in replacing the jobs being lost.  To grow an economy you need to provide for more jobs than merely replacing the ones which have been lost.  Those new jobs also need to be in the same localities and at least the same salary range for a like-for-like replacement.  There is also the need to ensure that people have the necessary skills for the new jobs.  All these areas create a real challenge.”
“The Branch welcomes Philip Atkins, Staffordshire County Council leader’s assurances given to the media that front line services will be protected and that compulsory redundancies can be avoided.”
“Many services are divided into what are often described as “back office functions” and “front line services”.  The reality though is less clear.  In many cases the 2 areas are merged in such a way that the delivery of a service is reliant on the work undertaken in a back office function.  The Branch believes that this will add to the challenges of making 30% cuts in 3 years.”
“Our members in Connexions have already seen the reality of the Government cuts to grants and funding.  The Branch is under no illusion on what the Comprehensive Spending Review means to jobs and services.”